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About Us

Spectral Chemist is a video production company based in Omaha, Nebraska that produces branded content, commercials, and narrative films in collaboration with a roster of directors.

This director driven approach provides access to a depth of creative resources across a broad spectrum of disciplines, putting Spectral Chemist in a unique position to deliver the most impactful content to it's clients and offer the most innovative solutions. Whether you have a rough idea or a polished script, Spectral Chemist is the catalyst that brings together the most creative artists and technicians to elevate your project beyond expectation.

Branded Content

If you aren’t using visual storytelling to engage your customers on your website or social media, they will go to your competition who is! It’s that simple. People want to be entertained. The reason why film was the art form of the 20th century is because it combines design, fashion, photography, and music in a way that moves us like nothing else can. Branded content has the power to engage your customers so they can relate to your brand’s story in a universal way.


When executed well, the 30 and 60 second commercial format still has great potential on a traditional audience. Nothing is quite as satisfying as telling a great story in a small amount of time. We partner with great agencies whose expertise in media buying gives you the confidence to know that your investment is being used in the most powerful way possible.


We love narrative filmmaking. Honestly, this is why we got into the business. To this day, sitting in a dark theater with a room full of strangers and connecting with them through story is one of the most meaningful experiences we share through art. Luckily for us, entertainment has collided with advertising and our job has gotten even more fun.


Featured Directors


Alexander Jeffery is a director from Calgary, Alberta, who is currently based out of El Dorado, AR. Having cut his teeth on short films, Alexander is the recipient of the Rising Star in Filmmaking Award (Canada International Film Festival) and the Golden Oosik Award for "Best Super Short" (Anchorage International Film Festival) for his film "Love, At Last," and the Royal Reel Award (Canada International Film Festival) for his first feature film "One Way." His most recent short film, "Four in the Morning," screened at the Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival and won Best Original Score.

Alexander is now applying his narrative talents to branded content pieces for companies such as Kholer, and loves working on projects in which telling stories about the human condition is the centerpiece. Any clients looking to add a touch of romanticism to their brand would do well to hire Alexander. His ability to capture emotional moments on camera is second to none.


For nearly twenty years Brad’s work has spanned the gamut of productions. From producing the feature film “Chillicothe” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, to Directing short films for companies like Redbull, Nokia, Spyder and Adidas and editing television shows for producers like The Jim Henson Company, Brad has garnered a depth of experience in all facets of cinematic storytelling. But his real passion lies in non-fiction filmmaking.

In the past two years, Brad has worked on five continents where his expertise in creative development, emotional storytelling, and directing for volatile situations have been put to the test. The results have been award-winning productions on topics like human trafficking and life after death. His most recent work was seen in the national documentary series “Footnote,” which premiered on the WGN network and has garnered multiple Telly Awards.


Cale Glendening has spent the last four years traveling the world, filming on five continents in over 25 countries. He immerses himself completely in his work, not only capturing amazing places, but throwing himself into intense conditions. He’s chased down tornados and been up close and personal with wild crocodiles. Cale’s passion is to discover and capture rare situations and places most will never get to witness.

Through this medium, he shares these experiences with a global audience. His most recent project, Beyond, is a documentary about the lives of holy men in Varanasi, India, and has been viewed online in over 170 countries by 1.5 million viewers.

His travels led him to working and volunteering with many non-profits. He believes it is not only imperative to give back, but to empower others to take action and truly make a difference in the world.


The Team

Corey Hart


One of the more tenured editors in Nebraska, Corey has spent over a decade editing for brands like Bellevue University, The Omaha Chamber of Commerce, HP, The U.S. Marine Corps and The U.S. Air Force. He has edited every type of project you can imagine; his broadcast work has garnered several awards, and his narrative work has been exhibited at some of the largest film festivals in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Corey is known for having a calm demeanor and straightforward approach. Clients can count on him to bring a guiding hand in the edit suite, employing years of experience to cut right to the heart of the story. His motion graphics and color correction skills bring a polish to every project, and his speed at the controls is an unparalleled asset to producers who need to accomplish more with less.

Michael Lang


A native of Omaha, Michael began his career as an actor in Los Angeles. Inspired by the uncompromising personality of director/cinematographer Tony Kaye while on the set of American History X, Michael’s passion for film and acting in front of the camera transmogrified into a career behind the camera.

Michael prides himself on strong collaboration and the ability to reveal the subtleties of character through light, shadow, color, and the juxtaposition of subjects within the frame. His experience across genres helps define visual choices and structure, supporting the narrative in ways that elevate story far beyond the page. His creative intensity on and off set is tempered by a great sense of humor, keeping the production process light and enjoyable.

Joscelyn Darling


In 2003, Joscelyn graduated with honors from Metropolitan Community College with an Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies, focusing on corporate law. Since then, she has worked as an executive level administrative assistant, most recently with the Nebraska Credit Union League. Joscelyn proved to be a wonderful asset to the League, serving a variety of roles, including acting as the project coordinator for Nebraska’s prize-linked savings program Save To Win, serving on the Young Professionals for Credit Unions’ advisory board, and raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network.

As Coordinator for Spectral Chemist, Joscelyn brings her project management expertise to the world of video production while acting as liaison for clients' various production and postproduction needs.

Marc Hall

VFX Supervisor

Marc has proven his CGI strengths in photorealism, lighting, compositing and team leadership over the last fifteen years. He crafted the Emmy Award-winning exploding plane sequence for the series LOST, served as CG Supervisor on Racing Stripes (a Hollywood movie heavily featuring CG horses), Exorcist: the Beginning, and over 300 commercials.

Marc also directed Dead Reckoning - Champlain in America, a full CG animated documentary that aired in 2010 in the US as well as in Canada and Europe. Most recently, Marc has been the onset supervisor for THE WORDS, (starring Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde, and Ben Barnes), VFX producer for LOVELACE, (featuring Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, and James Franco) and Cut Bank (featuring Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer, and John Malkovich).


Featured Videos